Party: JOHNNY D....w/t Jonn & Special Guest Manolaco

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Party: JOHNNY D....w/t Jonn & Special Guest Manolaco

NID PRESENTS....The Musical Production phenomenon
J O H N N Y D .......with support from Jonn & Special Guest Manolaco


As the son of Eritrean refugees, Johannes Debese a.k.a. Johnny D. became acquainted with a wide array of music styles at an early age – from Tigrinya, the Eritrean music of his heritage, to hip-hop, funk and soul. During the breakbeat-craze in the Rhein-Neckar delta he first came into contact with electronic music at the age of thirteen, soon afterward deciding to take to the turn tables. His first electronic music sets at modest breakbeat events followed, and Johnny D. quickly developed into a versatile artist active in the Mannheim Collective. He met Ray Okpara in 1999 by the good grace of their mutual hip-hop interest. They would both later organize the Rajo-Music house parties together with Nick Curly and spin all at the Loft Club in Ludwigshafen.

Johnny D. was also active in the Rhein-Neckar party scene as one of the co-founders (Ray Okpara, Federico Molinari, Nekes)of the Mannheim Zoo Club, which quickly rose to wild popularitywith its rotating line up of national and international acts, and local DJs.

Johnny D’s style continued to develop under the influence of minimal electronic music, prompting him to try his hand at producing. His musical versatility makes it difficult to define his style, but one can safely locate his music and vinyl selection somewhere between deep-house, minimal, and techno. The outcome of this spectrum of styles is his own style which is arising itself on vinyl and affectionately arranged live acts. His first release Manipulation and Gualia came out on Oslo rec., the label of his 2 old friends Federico Molinari and Nekes, in june 07. So another chapter was opened for him as musican which he will release now on further.......

Jonn Bio

Born and raised in Athens, Greece Jonn’s first exposure to music started at a very young age. His passion for music and appetite for several genres such as soul, funk,jazz and rock have all played a significant role and inspire him to this day.

At 15 years of age, the bug of house music caught on, but it wasn’t until he moved to London for his MA in Interactive Media where he experienced London’s nightlife, visiting the best clubs, major festivals and traveled to the Mecca of house music, Ibiza, that he realized music was going to be an important part of his life.

Music has always motivated me to create and enjoy life. It makes people dance, smile and love. I want to share this passion with others.

Jonn tested his first set out of the bedroom on the decks of Kabaret Prophecy (Soho, London) in 2006. For the next 2 years he played at several clubs in London beginning his first touch with the audience on the dance floor.

In 2008, Jonn returned to Greece and decided to share his passion for music and bring his experiences to Athens.

Afternoon parties at Precious Club (Kolonaki) were followed by collaborations with DJ Pascal at Boutique (Athens) and DJ Akylla & Christos Z at Messiah Rebirth. The 3 established DJs and top names in the Greek house scene, all taught him a lot about playing for different crowds.

Blending just enough familiar songs to rope in the crowd, and balancing bold, lesser-known house tracks to educate them, Jonn maintains the dance floor fun with his infectious energy.

His residency at Dybbuk in 2009 gave birth to one of the most successful parties, One Night Stand which have since moved to Mamacas every summer.

Jonn was also one of the resident DJs of the Sex & the City parties, the most successful hotel events, which continue to be hosted at some of most luxury hotels in Greece - Cavo Tagoo, King George, Hilton – till this day.

2010 was a milestone in Jonn's music career. His sets moved across borders to New York where he played at Cielo with Master Kev, followed by Fashion shows in Geneva and parties at luxury hotels in Perugia, Italy.

In 2012, Jonn started creating remixes and undertaking piano lessons. The past year Jonn has made a lot of unofficial remixes, , and has already begun creating his own original productions.

For the past 2 years Jonn. is a resident DJ at Animal Club (Athens) and continues to travel the globe spreading his love for house music every step of the way.

2013 Has Found him moving to deeper and more techy sounds, with official remixes , sets in the radio station of 88.6 Fm and the same time moving to Terraza for the summer session and later on to Playground Club (Ex Sixx)

2014 has found him resident at the legendary Mamacas Club and Terraza Athens collaborations with Manolaco and other major names of the underground tech-house scene, and at the same time travelling around Greece in all the major Cities spreading his unique tech house vibes.

Manolaco Bio

Michalis Manolakos aka Manolaco, started practicing music from the age of nine as he began music studies in a local music school where he studied theory and harmony of music for 7 years. At the same time his music influences were coming mainly from radio and cds listening to soul, funk, acid jazz, hip-hop and early days of Detroit house scene.
Practice makes perfect and Michali's curiosity and love for music leaded him to stick with house records at a friend’s house after school. His curiosity became passion and just listening was translated into buying two turntables and enough records to make a mix. Soon, he became confident enough to walk to a local club and offer the club owner to give me him a slot during a night. Michalis gained valuable experience from those trial nights which was again enough to pack his records and get ready for his next step.

That step was called Paros island where he introduces his self to the Linardo Bar owner to try him over which he did and occasionally he became a resident during the summer months. Later the same year, back in Athens, he joins his good friend Pascal who gives him the opportunity to appear in the show called “Majestic” events along with top house djs such as Mr. V, Osunlade, Roger Sanchez, Kenny Carpenter and others.

Those successful appearances attracted Blend’s attention and in 2006, Michali gets a chance of a lifetime to present his talent into bigger events and in clubs such as Blend Club and legendary Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos next to the hottest names in the electronic scene such as Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Adam Beyer, Luciano, Sven Vath and many more... Joining Blend was a turning point as far as his influences were at that moment. Manolaco’s sound was still house groove based but playing next to techno and minimal acts his sound was impossible to escape from becoming more electronic, more minimal, more dark but happy at the same time.

2010 was a year of studio dedication, inspiration and creativity for Manolaco. His fresh ideas were nicely put together with his rocking beats and managed to finish fifteen quality house tracks, some of them with his other music half and good friend Ikee in well known labels such as Monique Musique, Unlock Records, Greelpound, Akbai Music, Arjaus Records, Datagroove and Sound Mass. The outcome of this effort was a massive support by many international artists including: Ronan Portela, Ariel Rodz, Barem, Marco Carola, Alexis Cabrera, Urss, Someone Else, Anja Schneider, Nic Fanciulli, Jay Tripwire and Utku Dalmaz to name a few.

In 2011, Manolaco is more mature and more confident than ever his ability to plan and look forward into new things brings him amongst a
new challenge – a residency in Blend’s new project called “On Off”. It is no surprise that those events are more than successful and Manolaco’s popularity has exploded into the local scene.

2012 was a massive year for Michalis dj career so far and there is no doubt that his future into the electronic scence looks very promising for him and it just has started...

2013 is the year that Manolaco explodes his career in the local scene of Greece. He is touring all over the country rocking every place that he is playing. With the extremely big support from his fanatic crowd he is now definitely one of the leaders in what greek audience calling Techno House.



Manolaco - Yeah (original mix) / Homage Rec.
Manolaco - Hello House (original mix) / Akbal Music Manolaco - Bobbo (re-edit) / Akbal Music
Manolaco - Yo (original mix) / Homage Rec.
Manolaco - Your Black Eyes (original mix) / Homage Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Stupid (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Beam me up (original mix) / Arjaus Rec
Ikee and Manolaco - Filaraki (original mix) / Arjaus Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Jazzu (original mix) / Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Disco La (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Concept (original mix) / Unlock Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Funk off (original mix) / Greelpound Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Frank's Nos (original mix) / Greelpound Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Guitar (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Miss You (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Heart Lover (original mix) Sound Mass Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - Re Turn (original mix) Datagroove Rec.
Ikee and Manolaco - House U (original mix) / Monique Musique
Ikee and Manolaco - Snow Show (original mix) Datagroove Rec

Berik M. & Camilo - Cenote Dive (Avgoustino & Manolaco mix) Blaq Rec.
Manolaco - Bobbo (Pol On mix) Akbal Music
Alexis Cabrera - Miss Miss (Ikee and Manolaco mix)
Ikee and Manolaco - Disco La (Alex Medina mix) Unlock 027

Invited: Efi Anastassiadis, Alkis Doussopoulos, Dimos Archodoulis, Dimitris Pappas, Tatiana Triantafillou, Eleftheria Athanasopoulou, Ahmed Tarek Abbassi, Marie Orbitzgirl, Giannis Sotos, Marielle Angelique T, Sofia Staraki, Chris Catsanis, Thanassi An, Villy Fatourou, John Ventouris, Aris LosPoulegros, Jonn Basklavanis, Vasilis Trixx Kontis, Dimitris Anagnostou, Agis Meremetis, Σταυρος Ζυμβραγουδακης show more »